Cora, aka Cuki d'Light, was born in Barcelona in 1984. Since she was 14 years old, electronic music was taking part of her day to day. Always trying to attend all events, music festivals and concerts, to learn from the best. Her career as a DJ began in 2005 with a non-commercial style in Barcelona’s night, remixing hits from the 80’s to electropop. Later on, her trend was heading for Techno until Minimal.
At the present time, Cuki d'Light has played through several parties and events in  Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, London, Berlin, Paris...  from the most cutting-edge like: Circuit Festival. The style that defines Cuki d'Light, is DeepHouse&ElectroPop with a touch of retrodisco, Electronic classics, Indiepop, Funky and through the House of the moment, always trying to make the night: pure fun

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